As WandaVision has shown, the powers and abilities of the Scarlet Witch are growing exponentially. While his powers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe have been considerable, they haven’t lined up with his potential to crush reality in Marvel Comics – at least not yet. And his power set extends far beyond that.

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The Scarlet Witch has grown over time from one of the most powerful Avengers to one of the most powerful beings in existence, with the ability to alter reality with just a few words. His talents don’t stop there, unfortunately for friends and foes alike.

10 Probability affecting

Scarlet Witch

It’s clear from the first five episodes of the series that WandaVision it’s going to have a huge impact on the future of the MCU. Part of that lies in Wanda’s power, which is based on her ability to affect probability. This wasn’t exactly clear when he debuted as part of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants in Uncanny X-Men # 4 in 1964 when she and her brother Quicksilver debuted thanks to Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.

His ‘hex powers’ could cause random events to occur, as long as they were in his line of sight.

9 Sorceress

Resurrection of Agatha Harkness

Despite her name, the Scarlet Witch was not actually a witch until much later. Her powers stemmed from her being a mutant. Writer Steve Englehart, who wrote the 1985 Vision and the Scarlet Witch miniseries that serves as a great comic book inspiration for WandaVision, turned her into a true sorceress.

She studied with Agatha Harkness, another Marvel sorceress (and who may or may not be Agnes in the series) and learned to augment her talents with mystical energy.

8 Chaos magic

Scarlet Witch Chthon Wundagore Avengers

Wanda’s powers really improved with the discovery of chaos magic. In “Pomp & Pageantry” by the Avengers # 10 In November 1998, writer Kurt Busiek and artist George Perez revised their powers again so that their main feats were explained by their abilities rooted in chaos magic, which essentially incorporates a variety of magical, mythical, and theoretical traditions to create something unique.

In the comics, this was considered to be the result of the demon Chthon changing its mutation at birth into an ability to wield and control magical energy.

7 Hex bolts

Avengers Vs X-Men Scarlet Witch Hope Summers

One of Wanda’s most basic powers on display in the MCU is her use of kinetic energy. Frequently fires kinetic bursts of scarlet energy or erects kinetic shields. This ability makes it one of the most powerful offensive and defensive weapons in any battle. In the comics this manifested early on as ‘hex bolts’.

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These spells were relatively short range and again limited to his line of sight (he couldn’t affect anything beyond his field of vision). Casting a hex requires a gesture and concentration from her, which manifests itself in the character’s unique hand gestures in movies and series.

6 Electrical interruption

Scarlet Witch (Wanda Maximoff) fighting Ultron in Sokovia in Avengers: Age of Ultron

Originally, her hexes weren’t something Wanda could control. However, this did not make her a disadvantage, but rather a major threat, especially to the Avengers’ main enemies like Ultron.

She short-circuited the android with a hex in one of her early battles and disintegrated numerous Ultron drones in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Some fan theories speculate on Ultron’s return to the MCU in the future, but he would be at an even greater disadvantage against an even more powerful Wanda.

5 Telekinesis

Although not an important feature of her power set, Wanda can levitate and manipulate objects and matter with her mind. The full range of this ability is unknown. Some of the most powerful mutants in the Marvel universe are telekinetics, like Jean Gray and Franklin Richards.

This ability, in addition to her other extraordinary talents, makes Wanda incredibly dynamic in any battle. His MCU abilities have been somewhat vague on this front, but he clearly shows the power of levitating objects in the early episodes of WandaVision.

4 Teleportation

Vertical Scarlet Witch Powers

Another unexpected power that Wanda has is teleportation. In fact, she is one of the most powerful teleporters in the Marvel universe. She proves this when she teleports through time and space to save the life of Scott Lang, Ant-Man, after it appears he died as a result of his actions in Avengers: disassembled.

This is part of his growing power set in the comics, evolving from his natural mutant ability and his tremendous ability with magic and sorcery.

3 Martial artist

Luminous witch vs scarlet

As if her extraordinary abilities weren’t enough, Wanda is also an accomplished martial artist. If it’s his fists, it’s still going to be a long day for the supervillains. Wanda was trained in hand-to-hand combat by some of Marvel’s best fighters, Captain America and Hawkeye.

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Wanda has proven her talents against several prominent villains and heroes, including Cable, who is easily one of the most powerful mutants in comics.

2 Immune to Phoenix Force

Phoenix Force of the Scarlet Witch

Wanda has shown her power on a few occasions, but she may have set the all-time bar during the epic. Avengers vs. X-Men event. During that story, the Phoenix Force inhabited various X-Men, including Cyclops, Magik, and Emma Frost. The Scarlet Witch was shown to be immune to the cosmic power of the Phoenix Force, one of the most powerful entities in all of Marvel.

He also denied the Phoenix possession of Hope Summers when he said ‘No more Phoenix’ and also undid his own actions by eliminating mutants in House of M.

one Alteration of reality

House of M

Wanda is primarily defined now in the comics by her ability to alter reality, which feeds off her circumstances in WandaVision. She infamously changed reality to maintain the illusion that her sons Thomas and William were still alive, and when that collapsed, it lashed out and wiped out all but a few hundred mutants from existence.

He has since corrected it, but his powers remain unpredictable and unexplored. It is not clear if he has limits or if any could be imposed on him. In the MCU, it seems likely that his ability to alter reality will somehow lead to how Doctor Octopus and Electro will fit into each other. Spider man 3.

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