In episode 6 of WandaVision, Billy and Tommy manifest their own Wiccan and Speed ​​abilities, mirroring those of their mother Wanda and uncle Pietro.

Warning! Spoilers ahead of Marvel WandaVision episode 6

In WandaVision Episode 6, “New Halloween Spooktacular” Billy and Tommy, the twin children of Wanda and her Synth-husband Vision, manifested individual and unique powers, bringing them one step closer to resembling their Marvel Comics characters. Along with their parents and newcomer Uncle Pietro, Billy and Tommy are now among the most powerful beings in the New Jersey town of Westview, which could become more chaotic as the MCU series continues on Disney +.

In Marvel Comics, the mutants Billy and Tommy grow up to be Young Avengers, working together alongside their teammates to save the world from all manner of threats. Despite having such an odd conception in the comics (if not more so), Billy and Tommy become powerful forces for good, using their powerful abilities to keep people safe. While Tommy takes the name Speed, Billy eventually becomes a Wiccan in the Marvel Comics universe known as 616.

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Nevertheless, WandaVision episode 6 sHe sees the twins’ powers begin to kick in during a Halloween trick-or-treating night with Wanda and Pietro, all while Vision is investigating the strange events taking place in Westview. Also, Billy and Tommy’s powers are more basic than they are in the comics, potentially leaving room for them to develop further as they WandaVision keep going.

Billy and Tommy Powers from WandaVision Explained

Billy and Tommy Powers on WandaVision

In WandaVision Episode 6, Billy and Tommy still appear to be around 10 years old, and they are both very excited to go trick or treating with their mother and Uncle Pietro, who just came to town in the previous episode (much to Wanda’s surprise). Reproducing the themes and style of the classic sitcom Malcom in the middle Since the early 2000s, Quicksilver’s version of Evan Peters has gotten him and the boys into all sorts of mischief and mischief, and Tommy in particular absolutely adores his uncle. As a result, it’s no wonder his powers are soon to manifest, granting him superspeed abilities like Uncle Pietro’s.

However, Billy’s powers would be activated later in the episode when he sensed that the Vision was in danger, as his father had decided to attempt to break the perimeter and the energy hex that Wanda had placed around his city. Going beyond his newfound telepathy and increased awareness, Billy also displayed a propensity for telekinesis just like his mother, preventing his brother from running so they could go and alert Wanda that Vision needed help as he was beginning to die on the other side of the barrier.

Explanation of the powers of the Wiccan and Speed ​​comics

WandaVision tease Tommy Billy Young Avengers

In the comics, the powers of Wiccan and Speed ​​are a bit more dynamic. While her core abilities are very similar to Wanda and Pietro as in WandaVisionThere are some things that everyone can do that go beyond their mother and uncle. For example, Speed ​​can run at supersonic speeds just like Quicksilver, while also having increased durability and strength so your body can handle the rigors of the high speeds it can now reach. While Tommy or Pietro has yet to be seen in the MCU, their comic book counterparts can also vibrate and become temporarily intangible, allowing themselves to pass through walls and other obstacles. However, Speed ​​can also do things that Pietro cannot. For example, Tommy is able to vibrate the internal frequency of objects, accelerating their kinetic energy until they literally explode.

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Wiccan also has a few different abilities in the comics. While her magical abilities come from her genes rather than through training or some kind of artifact like Wanda, it has long been hinted that Wiccan will become more powerful than Scarlet Witch could be. Wiccan can alter reality itself, which he often uses to give himself powers such as flight, lightning, and force fields to protect himself and his allies. He can also use his power to teleport. Additionally, Wiccan often has to vocalize many of his spells and what he intends to do as a means of focusing his mind on what he wants to happen. Still, many magic users in the 616 universe widely believe that Wiccan will one day become an incredibly powerful wizard, perhaps even one day taking on the job of Doctor Strange as Sorcerer Supreme.

Why WandaVision changes the twins’ powers

Billy and Tommy as Wiccan and Speed ​​in WandaVision

At the moment, the powers of Billy and Tommy are much more simplified and not as developed in Marvel WandaVision, which makes sense all things considered. After all, Wanda’s twins are still young children and they still have a lot to learn. Likewise, there is still plenty of time for their abilities to develop further as the series continues (and potentially in the future for the MCU), as long as they don’t age faster than normal as they did in the last episode.

Also, if Tommy and Billy were as powerful as they are in the comics, that could certainly detract from the main focus of the series itself, which is Wanda struggling to keep her happy ending, all while Vision tries to resist and figure out what is really about. it’s happening. in Westview, which will undoubtedly lead to an inevitable crash of chaos and possible tragedy.

However, it is quite possible that Wanda’s powers grow to become too much for her to control herself as the series continues, leading to a final disaster and massive amounts of potential destruction. Maybe Billy will step forward to help her, showing his own ability to warp and rewrite reality? On the other hand, things could get so bad that Billy and Tommy are the only ones capable of stopping her, leading the twins to have to fight their own mother. Hopefully it won’t come to that, and Billy and Tommy will be able to survive the inevitable chaos that is heading to Westview as Marvel’s. WandaVision enters its final episodes on Disney +.

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