Disney + WandaVisionThe last episode ended in a powerful suspense. Evan Peters made his debut on the show apparently playing Pietro Maximoff, Wanda’s brother who, up to that point, is presumed dead, murdered during the events of Avengers: Age of Ultron. While fans have long bragged that Pietro would return during the series, it was surprising to see the character played by Peters and not Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

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There could be a reason behind the change, and if Peters is really playing Pietro from another universe, bringing him in could be an organic way to introduce Fox’s. X Men in the MCU. However, it could also open a Pandora’s box that could make things too complicated, and since Taylor-Johnson’s appearance is so short within the MCU, it could be argued that he deserves another shot at the role.

10 Peters should stay: better received on paper

X-Men Dark Phoenix Trailer Evan Peters as Quicksilver

When Taylor-Johnson made her debut in Ultron age, was well received in the role of Pietro. However, he was also lost in the extremely large cast of the film. This isn’t necessarily the actor’s fault, but rather the fact that a character-laden movie caused some to fail.

Peters, on the other hand, was an immediate standout in X-Men: Days of Future Past and continued his winning streak in the most divisive X-Men: Apocalypse. His portrayal of the character was praised for being funny, charming, energetic, and innovative, and he was widely regarded as the superior of both versions.

9 Taylor-Johnson Should Return: The Hydra Connection

Due to the limitations Disney once faced, Wanda and Pietro could not be referred to as “mutants”. Instead, the MCU used the word “enhanced” to describe the twins, and further explained their powers by having HYDRA experiment on them, thus granting them their abilities.

Keeping the Taylor-Johnson version of the character would be a good way to remind audiences of the importance of HYDRA. Many fans have theorized that HYDRA is actually behind Wanda’s fantasy world, and so far there have been some references to the organization on the show, in the form of commercials for Strücker Watch in episode two, and Hydra Soap in episode three. .

8 Peters should stay: proving there are real consequences

Pietro saves Hawkeye in Avengers: Age of Ultron

The MCU has long been criticized for its apparent lack of consequences. Characters often survive due to extreme cases of plot armor. Even if they suffer consequences, the writers find a way to get them back, like what happened with Coulson, Gamora, Groot, and more recently Loki and Vision.

So far, Taylor-Johnson’s Pietro is one of the only major characters to remain dead within the MCU continuity. Bringing him back would further confirm the fact that no one remains dead in the Marvel universe, thus removing all that is at stake and hampering the personal connection between audiences and characters in future films.

7 Taylor-Johnson Should Return: Keep It Simple

If Pietro de Taylor-Johnson returned, things would be pretty straightforward. The show can simply say that Wanda brought him back to life, or maybe she “stole” one from the multiverse. They might even have him steal Stephen Strange’s Time Stone and go back in time to stop his brother’s death, which could explain how he conflicts with the Sorcerer Supreme.

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Whatever the explanation, it’s still a pretty simple reason: Wanda missed her brother and wanted him alive so that her family was truly complete. Taylor-Johnson’s presence needs no additional reasons, while Peters’s requires explanations of why he is nothing like the previous Pietro, or why he has his own (younger) sister and father in his own world.

6 Peters should stay: time in a bottle

Mercury days of the future past

One of the main reasons Peter’s version of the character was so popular is the elaborate sequences in which his character demonstrated his super useful powers. The most memorable is the kitchen scene in Days of future past. To the tune of Jim Croce’s 1973 hit “Time in a Bottle,” it immediately became one of the most talked about moments in the film.

The idea of ​​seeing another sequence like that, this time inside the MCU, is too good to pass up. If Wanda was added, she would instantly become iconic. The red of Wanda’s powers and the silver of Quicksilver would make the sequence one of the most visually stunning in the entire MCU.

5 Taylor-Johnson Should Return: A Chance To Develop Pietro

Pietro Maximoff in Avengers: Age of Ultron

Because his presence within the larger MCU was so short and unlike Peters, who had three films to develop his character, Taylor-Johnson had little to no time to give Pietro a true personality. In fact, one of the main complaints of the MCU’s treatment of the character is that he simply appeared to die, thus lessening his impact on the story.

This could be corrected if Taylor-Johnson returned WandaVision. Pietro could finally have a true role in the universe, a purpose to justify his existence. And Taylor-Johnson, a very capable actor as evidenced by his performances in films like Nocturnal animalsHe might finally get a chance to flex his acting muscles.

4 Peters should stay: he fits better in the MCU

Quicksilver smiling in X-Men: Days of Future Past

With Peters, the MCU gets another shot at the character. Their first chance to bring Pietro to life was met with an indifferent reception, so this time around, they were able to take advantage of the trick and do something truly unique with the character.

Peters’s version of the character, with his giddy speech, boyish charm, and more comedic approach, fits in perfectly with the MCU’s distinctive style. It nails the comedy while still providing enough seriousness to guide the character through all the madness of the multiverse.

3 Taylor-Johnson should return: he has a connection to Wanda

Memories of childhood hold a special place in people’s hearts. Wanda and Pietro had a very difficult childhood, essentially becoming each other’s only source of love and support once their parents were killed. From the womb, the two had a very strong, intimate, and almost unbreakable bond that only grew stronger over the years.

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This is something the Peters version of the character will never have and can never imitate. If Peters stays in the role, his Quicksilver would need to develop a new relationship with Wanda, one that would likely always live in the shadow of the one she had with her Pietro.

two Peters Should Stay – A True M House

Michael Fassbender as Magneto

If Peters stayed in the MCU as Pietro Maximoff, that would open up the possibility for his father to join the action as well. In the Fox universe, Magneto was played by Oscar nominee Michael Fassbender, whose performance of the role was met with critical acclaim.

The idea of ​​having Maximoff’s two children alongside their father is extremely ambitious and ultimately irresistible, and could also indicate that his younger sister, the mutant Polaris, could also eventually show up. Furthermore, Fassbender’s joining the MCU could also mean that James McAvoy could appear as Professor Xavier, which in turn could indicate that the arrival of the X-Men is closer than ever.

1 Taylor-Johnson Should Return: Continuity

Pietro Maximoff sad in Avengers Age of Ultron

Making Peters the new MCU Quicksilver may be too tricky for some viewers. After all, the Fox movies weren’t as popular as Infinity Saga, which means that some people might not even know who Peters’s Quicksilver or any of the other mutants are.

Taylor-Johnson would keep things within the Marvel family, and it would also keep the plot straight and without any of the time travel and alternate reality shenanigans that some felt plagued. Avengers Endgame. It would also be a way of preserving the already confusing continuity of the MCU while preparing the room for the inevitable arrival of the X-Men.

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