Bardin’s Outcast Engineer career comes to Vermintide 2 for consoles, with new weapons, abilities and story. This is what you need to know.

After launching for PC in November of last year, the latest new race from Warhammer: Vermintide 2 finally hits consoles. As with the Grail Knight run for Kruber, the new Outcast Engineer run for Bardin brings new mechanics, abilities, and weapons to the character.

Like Grail Knight, Outcast Engineer is a premium DLC for the game, but it is possible to pay only for the race and not for cosmetics, making it more accessible to everyone. FatShark also released some additional story about the grumpy dwarf with the announcement of the new career, giving players more insight into Bardin’s and his family’s history.

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While the Vermintide The games have mostly focused on close combat, the Outcast Engineer is a powerful class. Along with the new Masterwork Pistol (which functions as a long-range sniper and has a close-range automatic fire mode), perhaps the main aspect of this new career is the Steam-Assisted Crank Gun (Mk II). This devastating weapon is Bardin’s new special ability. It can take down entire hordes or shoot high-impact armor-penetrating slugs to tear apart tough enemies, depending on your skill tree options.


The crank gun has, unsurprisingly, a crank mechanic. Players must generate pressure using the reload button to recharge their skill bar. Once filled, the gun can be used again, removing all pressure build-ups and draining the capacity bar over time. To maximize the Outcast Engineer’s effectiveness, players will have to control their pressure and skill bar, knowing when to hold back and when to do their best.

New lore was also revealed alongside Outcast Engineer’s career. Through a story about Bardin’s past, narrated by Lohner, we learn more about the dwarf’s troubled family history, including an enigmatic Uncle Drakki who was a member of the Dwarven Engineer Guild. According to Lohner, Bardin’s father, Gorrek Dagsson, was not discovered that his brother manipulated machines and inventions, as he had a much more traditional mindset. When Gorrek learned that Bardin wanted to follow in his uncle’s footsteps, he was even more disgusted.

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But before any of that could be resolved, there was a tragic accident. Hundreds of people died in a mining disaster, including Bardin’s father. Drakki left the cellar soon after, finding, if not peace, oblivion in the Assassin’s Oath. Taking on this new career as an outcast engineer, Bardin returns to a past that has haunted him, perhaps to mend old mistakes and finally fulfill his dreams of being an engineer.

With Bardin’s new career, it’s certainly fun to unleash the crank pistol on the enemy hordes. Being able to handle close and long-range threats at the same time can also feel tough, as can the ability to hold additional bombs, particularly at levels with multiple enemy bosses. However, players must be very careful about their positioning when using the Outcast Engineer.

Using the hand crank pistol renders Bardin immobile, and any enemy attack he lands (other than the gatling gunner or warpfire launcher) cancels the hand crank pistol shot. Gunshot noise, while satisfactory, can also be a problem. It is often necessary to rely on the whistle of the sixth sense mechanic to avoid damage, but the sound of the crank gun makes hearing difficult, which means that it is even more important to position yourself correctly as an outcast engineer. However, with some practice and the right equipment, the Outcast Engineer is a powerful and exciting new career for Bardin.

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