Sophia Hutchins is a woman on a mission. Not only is he planning total world domination, but he’s doing it with poise, grace, and hard work.

What is Caitlyn Jenner’s friend Sophia Hutchins doing these days? The blonde beauty and constant companion of the renowned Olympian and once keeping up with the Kardashians Star once said that her career was on fire and that she was eager to make her first home purchase. However, given all the recent changes in the world, was she really capable of manifesting those dreams?

In May 2020, the 25-year-old said in an interview that she and Jenner were just good friends and that she lived at their Malibu home, but more like roommates and co-workers. However, this was a far cry from tabloid reports dating back to 2018, when posts alleged that the duo planned to marry and start a family. Hutchins later admitted that she and Jenner were aware of all the gossip, but deliberately did not address any of the comments.

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Hutchins confessed People: “It was never romantic. Never sexual. There were a lot of friends, but I understand why people perceived it that way. We never approached it and that was part of the problem.” Since then, Hutchins has circulated on several popular podcasts and social media promoting her line of sunscreens, Lumasol. By all accounts, it appears that he still lives in Malibu with Jenner. The two have been spotted around the city, shopping while the world is quarantined. Hutchins had noticed that he was hoping to buy his first home in Calabasas. Those plans may have been temporarily derailed due to the global health crisis.

Caitlyn Jenner Sophia Hutchins: KUWTK

Today, the aspiring mogul continues to dodge rumors that she and her famous best friend are an item. The media continues to hint at a love story between the women (who have a 46-year age difference between them), but Hutchins has gone on record numerous times to refute those conversations. She even points out that she exclusively likes dating men.

Sophia is a woman on a mission. Not only is he planning total world domination, he is doing it with poise and grace. Her friendship and working relationship with Caitlyn Jenner may have put her in the spotlight, but she’s slowly making a name for herself as a manager, transgender activist, and businesswoman. Although tabloid reports have touted her to marry Jenner, Hutchins has said numerous times, in her own words, that the couple is close, but in a platonic way. She has doubled down, too, calling the relationship with Jenner a parent-child dynamic. So there it is! As disappointing as it is for fans to accept that Hutchins and Jenner are simply making friends in Malibu, that’s all they are doing. However, with everything so upside down in the world, two girls building a cottage industry is not bad at all.

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