Waluigi didn’t show up much during the last Nintendo Direct, and his one-second screen time left a lot more to be desired.

Viewers of From Nintendo The last Direct was probably wondering where Waluigi was during the 50-minute event, which featured two trailers for Mario’s upcoming projects. Mario Golf Super Rush and the Animal crossing X Super Mario The celebration featured some of Mario’s closest companions, and Waluigi was almost missing from both. Waluigi appeared during the Nintendo Direct, but it only lasted a second.

Despite being an integral part of the plumber quartet, Waluigi is apparently most often ignored by Nintendo when it comes to when and how he appears. Waluigi is to Wario what Luigi is to Mario. He may not be related by blood, but he is Wario’s closest ally and his partner in crime. However, Nintendo heavily favors Wario over the lanky villain in purple. Wario has his own solo projects, makes favorable appearances during celebratory events, and even landed a spot at the Super Smash Bros. list. Waluigi, on the other hand, is lucky if he gets a second of screen time.

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This public neglect of Waluigi is shocking, as many Nintendo fans have supported him to receive more representation. Fans went so far as to try to make 2020 the Year of Waluigi, as it was his 20th anniversary since his first appearance in 2000. However, Nintendo did not mention his name even once in the course of 365 days. and his latest appearance makes it look like Nintendo is distancing itself from the man in purple.

Waluigi’s sad performance in the latest Nintendo live

Almost 15 and a half minutes into the Nintendo Direct, Waluigi makes his first and only appearance during the Mario Golf Super Rush reveal the trailer. This second clip of Waluigi swinging a stick is the only rendering he received, and it was a blink of an eye and you’ll miss it. Mia, the Mii presented during the Mario Golf Super Rush The story mode reveal, she was dressed in purple, which could have been intended to represent Waluigi. However, Waluigi’s absence was also felt later in the Direct.

Last year, Nintendo announced a Super Mario X Animal crossing crossover in celebration of Mario’s 35th anniversary, and details of the event were revealed during the Nintendo Direct. Mario, Luigi, and Peach’s costumes are making their way into the game, which was predictable, but there will be a costume for Wario as well. These four Mario characters are the only ones to receive costumes during the crossing, once again excluding Waluigi from the plumber quartet. Yoshi, another notable character in the Super Mario franchise, is at least to get a rug inspired by one of his eggs. However, Nintendo can’t be bothered to include more of Waluigi.

Nintendo should be aware that its fans are asking for more representation of Waluigi. Every Super Smash Bros. The character reveal is preceded by fans demanding that Waluigi become a playable character. Whether it’s because of memes or genuine interest, fans want solo Waluigi games. At the very least, Nintendo should make Waluigi a playable character in more Mario spin-off. Yes Nintendo is planning to cut ties with Waluigi, it would be better for everyone if he came out and said it.

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