In The Legend Zelda: The Wind Waker, Link enlists the help of an intelligent ship called the King of the Red Lions. But who is the mystery ship?

With the launch of Nintendo The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker came a Zelda I count like no other. Complete with a flooded Kingdom and the wind at Link’s command, The Wind Waker also granted Link a suitable companion for Zelda adventure: a smart ship named King of the Red Lions.

The mysterious talking ship first appears to Link after he is caught trying to rescue his kidnapped sister. Link is thrown into the Great Sea, and it is the King of the Red Lions who takes him out. The King is moved by Link’s determination to save his sister and agrees to help him do so, becoming Link’s friend and mentor throughout his quest.

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Players will find several holes in the King’s story: where did he come from and what magic allows him to speak? Why was he seeing Link in the Renegade Fortress? And for what investment in Hyrule (or Link) does he have to risk his own life? Although The King of the Red Lions offers Link a lot of information about Ganondorf and Hyrule’s history when they first meet, it does not explain anything about himself, The legend of ZeldaThe green-robed hero is grateful for the ship’s help across the Great Sea, regardless.

Who is Zelda: The King of the Red Lions from Wind Waker?

Legend of Zelda King Daphnes Nohansen True Form Red Lions Wind Waker

The behavior of the King of the Red Lions is quite friendly. It exudes wisdom and, according to Wind Waker Director Eija Aonuma in an interview with 4Gamer, serves as an intentional father figure for Link throughout the game. In addition to being Link’s guide, protector, and transportation, the King of the Red Lions also provides the hero with the titular Wind Waker, a magical musical staff used to control the direction of the wind. But where did this ship learn the history of Hyrule and how did it come to possess an object of such amazing power?

Link’s journey eventually leads him to the sunken Hyrule Castle. There, he acquires not only Zeldathe iconic Master Sword, but also the answers to these questions. The King of the Red Lions appears before Link in a new form, introducing himself as King Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule. He tells Link that his failure to stop Ganon long ago placed the fate of the Kingdom in the hands of the gods, who flooded the land. King Daphnes then reverts his form and continues to transport Link across the Great Sea. When the final blow against Ganon is struck, the King uses the power of the full Triforce to wish Hyrule to remain in his resting place underwater, giving way to a new future. King Daphnes chooses to sink with his castle – a final moment of altruism as Link strives to help build a land of prosperity.

Despite being a true royalty, the King of the Red Lions keeps his identity close to his helmet for much of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, which gives the game an exciting twist and makes it a memorable experience for players of all ages.

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